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Millets is a gluten-free grain that has been developed in Africa and India since ancient times. The seeds of the plant, the grains, are little, round and unique yellow in shading. The red millet grains you find in the food stores are not seeds of the Pennisetum glaucum plant but rather of Eleusine coracana, a connected species that is also called finger millet or ragi.

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Millets The Oldest Grains

Millet is organic, great for the environment, a boon for farmers, a rich source of vitamins and whole grains, and you can make everything – from popcorn to roti’s – using it. Why isn’t everyone running out to get millets to eat them?

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Why Should You Eat Millets?

With our rice and wheat fixation, we appear to have overlooked Millets and left them for birds to feast upon. It's chance we consolidated a greater amount of them in our eating routine and receive amazing health rewards.

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