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Grami Superfoods Wicked Bites Tangy Tomatoes | High Protein Millet Based Snacks | No Gluten | No Frying | Added Pea Protein ( 30g )

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  • Wickedly healthy snacks for next generation
  • High protein, low fat snacks made of millet
  • Gluten free and low calorie snacks
  • No preservative and colour added
  • Not fried in oil. High in fiber. Supports weight loss.


Wicked bites: The only superfood snack that would appeal to your unique wicked sense of style.

Why they be your favorite?

These healthy snacks are laden with natural flavors and made with millets, which is high in protein and fiber. These bites will keep you going about your wicked business day in and out.

No preservatives are used to make these enchanted low calorie snacks. Also, they are low in fat as they are not fried. These little bites will maintain your mood, blood sugar levels and keeps your heart healthy despite of those wicked thoughts!


Downside you ask?

While it might not be able to get rid of quirky people from your life, it would definitely help your colon do so. It does not play house


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