Sweet Little Millet Pongal recipe

Sweet pongal is a traditional dish prepared on Makarsakranti in South India. Traditionally, It is made with rice, moong dal, Jaggery, cashew nuts, and raisins. Eating sweet pongal on MakarSankranti is a way of celebrating the festival. It is also believed that the sweetness of the pongal symbolizes the sweetness of life and the hope for a good harvest in the coming year.

On the occasion of International Year Of Millets 2023, let’s give a healthy twist to this recipe by making it with Little Millets. Here is the recipe:


-1/2 cup Little Millet

-1/3 cup Jaggery

-1/4 cup Moong Dal

-1/4 cup Coconut (shredded)

-1 tsp Ghee

-Cardamom powder

-2 cups Water

-2 tsp Cashews

-2 tsp Raisins


1. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and add little millet and moong dal. Roast for about 2 minutes until fragrant.

2. Add water and close the cooker. Pressure cook for 2 whistles.

3. After the pressure cooker cools down, open the lid and add Jaggery, coconut and cardamom powder and mix well.

4. Heat a pan and add ghee. Roast cashews and raisins until golden.

5. Add the roasted nuts to the cooked sweet pongal and mix well.

6. Serve warm.

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