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Air Out Your Stress With Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is known as one of the best methods to enjoy a Healthy Living while decreasing the stress level in our body. The main reason behind it is that when we take a deep breath, it sends a message to the brain to relax and to calm down. Therefore this message is sent back to the body by the brain. All of these things happen while you are stressed with fast breathing, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure. But as soon as you start breathing deeply, the signs of stress decrease and therefore you can be relaxed.

There are actually a number of Breathing Exercises that you can do to air out the stress level. And the best part is that these Daily Exercises are really easy to learn and perform. Starting from the confines of a desk, bed or anywhere you feel negative, you can follow the techniques mentioned below to keep yourself calm and composed while relieving stress.

  1. Alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhana: This breathing technique is capable of uniting both sides of the brain while keeping you balanced and calm. To start this breathing exercise, sit in any comfortable meditative pose either on the sofa, on a chair or on the floor. Next, hold down the right nostril with the thumb or any of the right hand fingers. Then deeply breathe in through the left nostril. Next, exhale through your right nostril. Keep on practicing this technique alternatively until the period you feel focused and calm. As this process contacts the brain on a deep level, therefore this should not be practiced before going to the bed.
  2. Abdominal breathing: This breathing exercise can actually slows down the entire body along with the blood pressure and heart rate. The main aim of performing this exercise is to focus on the diaphragm and not chest while breathing. So, to start this exercise, place a hand on the belly and another one on the chest. Breathe in through the nose so that your diaphragm inflates with air to produce a stretch in the lungs. After that, start exhaling slowly. Make it sure that every breath of yours is steady and deep. Keep on repeating this technique for ten minutes with seven to ten breaths every minute.
  3. Stillness in breath: In case you can focus on the breath for a long time, then you must consider this type of stress out exercises. This exercise doesn’t include any counting, rather it includes observing. So, to start this exercise, sit comfortably, close the eyes and start observing the breathing pattern. Once you are settled in to the process of observing the natural breathing rhythm, convert the awareness to that point where the breath changes from inhalation to exhalation. And then observe the change of breathe from exhalation to inhalation. If you find that your mind is wandering during the change, keep on guiding the attention back to the still pause between every stage of the breath.
  4. Relaxing breath or the 4-7-8 technique: It is another breathing technique that can help to make your body and the nervous system completely relaxed. The best thing about this exercise is that it can be performed in various scenarios like when you are upset or tensed or want to relax yourself before sleeping. Before starting this process, you should sit comfortable and as straight as you can with the back. Next, place the tip of your tongue behind the upper front teeth meeting the gum ridge. It is necessary to keep the tongue for the duration of the complete technique. Then start the breathing exercise by exhaling completely. Next quietly inhale for the count of four. After reaching, hold the breath for the count of seven and after that exhale the breath fully for the count of eight. This is a full breath. Consider performing four to five full breaths every time while performing this exercise.
  5. Stimulating breath or bellows breath: This breathing exercise is mainly performed to invigorate the senses while sharpening the mind. While performed properly and regularly, this exercise can raise the vital energy while making you feel an enhanced level of alertness. Start with sitting comfortably and then rapidly inhale and exhale through the nose. At the same time, keep your mouth relaxed and shut as much as you can. Try to keep the exhales and inhales equal in the duration. This technique is really beneficial in connecting the mind on a deep level, therefore it should not be tried before going to the bed.

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