Bajra Steamed Vada

MilletOfTheMonthrecipe 4


Bajra grains-1 cup,

Bengal gram flour-1⁄4 cup,

White Sesame– 1tsp

Pepper-1⁄4 tsp,

Chilli Powder-2 tsp,

Cumin seeds-1⁄4 tsp,

Oil-for frying, Salt – for taste.

Preparation Method:

  • Soak the Bajra grains for 30 minutes and steam it for 20 minutes in a steamer.
  • The steamed Bajra grain is taken and made into a coarse paste in wet grinder or grinder and transfer into a large bowl.
  • Now add the bengal gram flour, salt, pepper, white sesame, chilli powder and cumin seeds are added to the above mixture.
  • Small balls of the mixture are made and made into wada.
  • The wada is fried in hot oil medium flame.
  • Excess oil is removed using tissue paper.
  • Serve it with tomato or peanut chutney.


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