Grami Super Foods Organic Toor Dal – 500g

110.00 inc. GST
100% Organic. Unpolished. Makes tasty dal tadka
Easy to cook
High protein content
Makes healthy khichadi

SKU: OP-TD-013


Tur dal is a popular dal that can be found in a variety of Indian and international recipes. Grami’s organic tur dal is a product that provides you with the best pulses that have been handpicked to ensure that there are no adulterants. Tur dal, also known as pigeon pea, is a well-balanced human food when combined with cereals. It is an important source of protein in India, where the majority of the population follows a vegetarian diet. Fresh young pods are eaten as a vegetable in dishes such as sambar in regions where it grows. Grami Superfoods organic tur dal is painstakingly cured to ensure that the quality promise is met. Furthermore, Grami Superfoods organic tur dal is produced organically and without the use of harmful chemicals. Grami Superfoods’ organic products are all certified.


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