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Renergee Shakti 9 Millet Instant Drink – 500g

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Grami Instant Natural Nutrimix is made with lots of love for you and your family. With added pea protein, these all natural ingredients are roasted to perfection and absolutely free from sugar, preservatives, colours & artificial flavours. This unique blend is formulated perfectly with nuts are a good source of healthy fats and are low in unhealthy fats. This combination of ‘good fats’ help to reduce low density lipoprotein. Flax seeds are rich in fibre & omega-3 essential fatty acids. It aids digestion. Pulses & grains are part of a healthy balanced diet. Blending pulses with cereals & nuts result in better quality protein that contains all essential amino acids.

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  • ENERGY BOOSTER: Shakti 9 millet instant high protein nutrimix is made of millet and natural ingredients has enormous potential as your energy drink + great taste. This sugar free health mix shake is absolutely free from preservatives, colours and artificial flavors which will boost your energy during the work to improve your concentration.
  • PROTEIN PACKED: Being packed with abundant plant protein. This instant healthy food unique blend is formulated perfectly with 9 millets, grains, pulses, nuts, flax seeds, cardamom and other ingredients making it super healthy, which is beneficial in contributing to muscles gain.
  • GLUTEN-FREE & DIET FOOD: Carbohydrates in millets are considered as “good carbs” because it is easily digestible. Since our instant millet health mix is also gluten-free it’s a great alternative for people with gluten sensitivity. This diet protein mix is consists of millets which help produce serotonin which keeps your mood calm. Helps with increased metabolism & improves weight management.
  • RENERGEE PROMISE: This instant protein food shake has no artificial ingredients, Renergee has enormous potential as your energy drink + great taste. Unlike the commonly found energy drinks that are formulated with artificial synthetic vitamins and flavors. Your super healthy & nutritious meal replacement is here.


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