Proso Millet Bhakarwadi Recipe

🌾 Craving for a healthy and delicious snack? Look no further! Introducing our Grami Superfoods Proso Millet Bhakarwadi recipe. 😋🌱

🔥 Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a perfect blend of flavors! This savory and crispy delight will leave you wanting more. 🎉

Ingredients: Of Nutritious Proso millet

Dough- Proso millet flour-50g,

Black gram dal-50 g,

Bengal gram flour-50 g, Wheat flour-60g,

Oil and water as required.

Masala- Pepper-100g, Sesame -50g,

Aniseed-8g, Almond-10g,


Coriander-50 g, Fennel seeds-10g

Sugar-40g, salt — 15g

Poppy seed — 10g,

Chill Powder-30g,

Chat Masala Powder- 8g.

proso millet

Preparation Method: For Proso Millet Bhakarwadi Recipe

1.Take a pan and roast the masala spice ingredients until it gives nice aroma.

2. Keep aside for cooling, add other remaining ingredients and make it into a powder

3. Now prepare Proso millet dough by mixing all the flour with water & oil. Knead till dough consistency and make small balls.

4. Roll the small balls, make round shapes, and put the Bhakarwadi masala onto the round shape.

5. Roll inward and cut the roll into small pieces.

6. Fry the small rolls in oil until golden color appears

This can be consumed as an evening snack.

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