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Grami Gift-Mini Pack

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Presenting the Grami Superfoods Gift Hamper, a curation that elevates your snacking experience with a blend of traditional flavors and wholesome goodness. Packed with nutrient-rich delights, this hamper is designed to bring joy to snacking while embracing the essence of superfoods.

  1. Pure Bites Butter Muruku Indian Namkeen (Quantity 1): Delight in the authentic flavors of India with our Butter Muruku, a crunchy and savory Indian namkeen that promises a burst of traditional spices and rich taste in every bite.
  2. Wicked Bites Cheese Mint Millet Puffed Snack (Quantity 1): Indulge in guilt-free snacking with our Cheese Mint Millet Puffed Snack. It’s a unique blend of millet goodness with the zesty flavors of cheese and refreshing mint, offering a light and flavorful snacking experience.
  3. Eight Millet Cookies (Quantity 1): Savor the goodness of millets with our Eight Millet Cookies – a delightful fusion of health and taste that offers a scrumptious snacking option.
  4. Renergee Assorted 9 Millet Instant Soup (Pack of 6): Enjoy the convenience of nourishing instant soups enriched with the power of nine different millets. Perfect for a quick and wholesome meal, these soups offer a burst of flavors and nutrition.
  5. Renergee Assorted 9 Millet Instant Health Mix (Pack of 6): Elevate your daily nutrition with our health mix, a versatile blend incorporating the benefits of nine assorted millets. It’s a fantastic addition to your diet for a dose of health and wellness.
  6. Healthy Additions: To further enhance the health quotient, we’ve included premium dry fruits such as Cashews and Raisins. These additions perfectly complement the superfoods assortment, offering a delightful and wholesome snacking experience.

The Grami Superfoods Gift Hamper is more than just a collection of snacks; it’s a celebration of taste and health. Whether you’re gifting it to someone special or indulging in it yourself, this hamper is a testament to our commitment to providing superior, high-quality, and delicious superfood options. Experience the joy of snacking that’s not only delectable but also a boost to your overall well-being.

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