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Organic Tamarind – 500g (Buy 1 + Get 1 Free )

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Tamarind whole, 100 percent certified organic, sourced from certified organic farms across India. Cultivated without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or insecticides. Cultivated using organic farming practises that are strictly monitored.


Grami Tamarind is high in nutrient C and a few B nutrients alongside potassium iron and phosphorus. It has been utilized to separate a fever and cool the body. Customarily it is likewise utilized to assist with absorption issues soothe an irritated throat and mitigate sunstroke. Tamarind contains an assortment of naturally dynamic phytochemical intensifies which join with the supplements of tamarind act in cooperative energy to create its extraordinary advantages. It is a widely utilized topping flavor that is vital for kitchens. One can make an assortment of dishes and pickles with these tamarinds.


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