A Healthy millet dishes – Barnyard Cabbage Muthias Recipe

 Are you craving for healthy dishes with millet something different for dinner? while Check out Grami Superfoods’ delicious #BarnyardCabbageMuthia recipe — a nutritious millet meals, that’ll have your taste buds singing!

Head to our blog and find out how you can make this aromatic #superfood likewise dish right in your own kitchen.

healthy millet dishes
                                                                      cabbage Muthias

Ingredients: for Nutritious millet dishes

· At first take Grated Cabbage-1 cup,

· Then Barnyard Flour -1 cup,

· A 1/4 cup of curd,

· coriander-1 tsp-chopped

·Then  Lemon juice-1⁄2 tsp,

· Take Ginger- green chilli Paste-1 tsp,

· Grated garlic-1 tsp,

· Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp,

· And Asafoetida-1⁄2 tsp,

· then Sugar-1 tsp & Salt — as required.

· Seasonings: Oil- 1 1⁄2 tsp and Cumin seeds-1 tsp.

Preparation Method: for Nutritious millet meals

· At first combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead to make a soft dough using enough water.

·Then divide the dough into a 3 equal parts and shape each portion into a cylindrical roll.

·Now place the rolls on a greased steaming dish and steam for 20 min.

·Then remove from the steamer and cool it for 15 minutes.

· lastly, cut into thick slices and season it with oil and cumin seeds over a low flame till they are lightly browned.

· Serve hot and garnish with coriander.

. Finally your nutritious millet meals is ready.

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