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Grami Multi Millet Muesli – Cinnamon

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A bowl of sacred goodness!!

Start your day with a bowl of Grami Quinoa Almond &
Honey Muesli, a delicious & nutritious breakfast that is
both sacred and healing.
Quinoa, also known as the Incas’ Gold, is a sacred
food that has been cherished for centuries. Honey,
used in Ayurveda for its wound-healing properties, is a
natural sweetener that adds a touch of sweetness to
Grami Muesli without any added sugar.
Together, quinoa, almond & honey create a powerful
combination of nutrients & healing properties. Grami
Muesli is also free of preservatives & colourings,
making it a healthy & wholesome choice for your
breakfast. Indulge yourself & your family in a bowl of
Grami Quinoa Almond & Honey Muesli today!


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