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Ingredients : Ragi, Rice, Urad Dhal, Salt

Directions for use

  1. Add 2 cups of water to 1 cup of Ragi Dosa mix. Mix well and allow the batter to raise for 30 – 45 mins. ( For 100 gms of the mix, add 200 ml of water ).
  2. Heat a griddle or a non-stick tawa and pour a ladle full of the prepared Dosa mix batter to form a circle.
  3. Drizzle a tsp of oil around the dosa and allow it to cook till golden brown.
  4. Serve hot with coconut chutney, sambar.

Flavor Boosters:

  1. Add chopped onions, coriander leaves, curry leaves to the batter before making the dosa. Mustard seeds, cumin seeds and black pepper seeds seasoned in oil can be added too.

Serves: 2-3 people

Makes : 10-12 Dosas

Nutritional Value: per 100 gms

Energy 379.87 KCal
Carbohydrates 80.92 gm
Total fat 2.43 gm
Cholestrol 0.0 mg
Protein 7.21 gm
Dietary Fat 0.63 gm
Iron 8.10 mg
Calcium 32.30 mg
Magnesium 63.14 mg
Phosphorus 184.8 mg


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