Bajra Cold Coffee

We’ve got a simple, yet delicious, cold coffee recipe that will keep you cool and refreshed no matter what the season! #bajracoldcoffee is an iced coffee made with an aromatic, buttery flavor of bajra.


· Bajra millet milk-60 ml,

· milk-50 ml,

· Sugar-20 g,

· Milk powder-5 g,

· Coffee powder-4 g,

· Dark chocolate liquid-10 g,

· Ice cubes — as required and Water -as required

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Bajra Cold Coffee


Preparation Method:

· Firstly, soak dehulled bajra millet grains overnight and wash properly.

· Grind the grains by adding water (1:1) and extract milk from it.

· After extracting, filter the millet milk. Now boil regular milk along with bajra millet milk for 15 minutes, let it cool at room temperature.

· Add sugar, milk powder, coffee powder, ice cubes one by one to the millet milk blend. Transfer the mix to the mixer jar and blend well.

· Take a serving glass and pour the above liquid. Pour the dark chocolate liquid on the sides of the glass.

· Decorate it with chocolate waffle sticks and freeze it for 2 hours.

· Serve as a healthy Bajra millet cold coffee beverage.

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