Bajra Kulfi Recipe

Attention all #desi Dessert Fans!

We present to you an authentic and delicious treat: Bajra Kulfi!

This traditional and nutritious dessert is the perfect balance of flavor and texture, and can be made quickly with simple ingredients.⁣⁣

We’ll show you a step-by-step guide to making this delightful and unique Bajra Kulfi treat.

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Bajra Millet Kulfi


Bajra milk-100 g,

Regular milk-100 g,

Milk powder-50 g,

Sugar-30 g,

Corn flour-10 g,

Cardamom powder-2 g,

Citric acid-pinch,


almonds and pistachio-10 g.

Preparation Method: to make Bajra Kulfi Recipe

· Soak the Bajra grains overnight and grind the grains.

· Now extract the milk by using the muslin cloth.

· After extraction, keep the milk aside.

· Blend the milk powder, Sugar, corn flour, citric acid, cardamom powder, and all dry fruits and make the mix.

· Take 25 g of the above mix, add Bajra milk and regular milk and make a thick consistency by cooking.

· After cooling, fill the Kulfi molds and keep freezing overnight.

· Serve as a healthy, delicious dessert.

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