Barnyard Millet Brownie Recipe

Brownies just went up a notch! 🎉 Introducing our delicious #GramiSuperfoods Millet Brownie Recipe made with nutritious and natural ingredients.


· Barnyard millet flour-100 g,

· Sugar powder-100 g,

· Chocolate-83 g,

· Butter-40 g,

· Eggs-2,

· Cocoa-16 g,

· Salt-1 g,

· Baking powder-2 g and

Vanilla essence -as required

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Barnyard Millet Brownie


Preparation Method:

· Sieve the Barnyard millet flour along with cocoa powder, salt and baking powder.

· Heat dark chocolate and butter in a double boiler steam vessel, until the blend melts.

· In a large bowl add sugar, vanilla essence & later add barnyard & cocoa powder flour blend to the mixture and mix well.

· Add 2 eggs to this mixture & thoroughly mix the milk and keep aside.

· Meanwhile preheat the oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes

· Grease the mold with little butter and add millet cake batter.

· Bake the above batter at 180 °C for 35 min in preheated oven.

· Cool it for 30 minutes and make slices.

· Serve as millet sweet snack with coffee.

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