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The recent pandemic has forced many workplaces to close their doors and let their employees go. But what if there was a way to bring your workforce back, and help them stay healthy at the same time?. According to Statista, around 65per cent of Indians have been more concerned about their health and immunity in 2021 than in the previous years after Covid 19

Bringing back a healthy workplace

It’s been a long few months of working from home. But as we start to head back into the workplace, it’s important to think about how we can create a healthy environment for ourselves and our colleagues.

Encourage them to take the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a walk during their lunch break. If you have an on-site gym, make sure it’s well-stocked with equipment and that there are plenty of classes available. And if you don’t

Importance of health at work


Before we get to basics, here’s a speedy note on what we mean by employee health:

“Employee satisfaction” and “worker commitment,” are terms that are frequently tossed around conversely. While they’re totally related, they mean various things. In particular, worker health is about how your work — your obligations, assumptions, anxiety, and climate — influences your general well-being and bliss which will absolutely accelerate the growth of your company in turn.

Here’s how you can bring back your workforce and welcome them with healthier options:

1. Replace caffeine with millet soup options

There are plenty of reasons to ditch caffeine and switch to something healthier. For one, millet soup is packed with nutrients that help improve brain function and increase energy levels. What’s more, it’s also been shown to reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality.

So, if you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity and energy levels, ditch the coffee and replacing with Grami millet soup instead. Your workforce will thank you for it!

2. Help them pick healthier food options

If you’re looking to bring your workforce back and want to make healthier food options available to them, here are some ideas.

  • Instead of snacks offer them healthy vegetable salad or fruits.
  • Millet is wealthy in dietary fiber, both solvent and insoluble. The insoluble fiber in millet is known as a “prebiotic,” and that implies it upholds great microbes in your stomach-related framework.
  • This fiber is significant for adding smoothness to stools and decreases your risk of colon malignancies.

Products like Grami superfoods offer millet soups that are not only healthy but also mood-energizing. Introduce a line of quick instant soup fixes for your employees.

3. Throw fitness challenges at them

When it comes to getting your workforce back into the office after a long break, you want to make sure they’re feeling their best. One way to do that is by throwing some fitness challenges at them!

Not only will this help get them back into shape, but it will also promote teamwork and competition. And who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A step challenge: See who can take the most steps in a week or month. This is a great way to get people moving and can be done with or without a pedometer.
  • A weight loss challenge: If your employees are looking to shed some pounds, this is the perfect challenge for them. Set a goal for how much weight you want them to lose in a certain timeframe, and see who comes out on top.
  • An eating healthy challenge: This one is all about eating healthy foods and cutting out junk food. Challenge your employees to see who can eat the most fruits and vegetables.
  • A fitness class challenge: If your company offers fitness classes, see who can attend the most classes in a month or quarter

4. Plan mental health awareness days

Mental health awareness days are a great way to bring back your workforce and welcome them with a healthier option. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your mental health awareness days are successful.

  • First, you need to choose a date or dates that will work well for your employees. It’s important to pick a time when people are less likely to be overwhelmed with work or personal responsibilities.
  • Next, you need to decide what kind of activities you want to include on your mental health awareness days. Some ideas include yoga classes, meditation sessions, informative workshops, and stress-relieving games. Make sure to include something for everyone so everyone can find something they enjoy.

Final word

When bringing back the workforce after Covid 19, it is essential to figure out your worker’s health by considering a comprehensive viewpoint, and also taking into account their general personal satisfaction.

Grami is an “instant” answer to all the health queries an organization might have when looking to resume work at a workplace with optimum health and energy.

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