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A company is established by many people, from owners to workers who depend on their earnings. Every person in the company plays a vital role in its success.

Be it an owner or the employees, both are important. It’s essential to pay the most attention to the health of the employees working in the company.

Company health has become a crucial part of nowadays as recently, in 2020, we fought the pandemic, and at that time, we had faced much more losses in business too.

The above graph shows healthcare management and its benefits to the company. It’s the health care from 1997 to 2021 of a well-established company in the US.

Importance of a healthy company

So as an example, the above famous US company, as observed in the stat that due to health management of the employees of the company there has seen excellent work efficiency and thereby a significant increase in the company’s profit Every company makes the health management of their company for getting their company towards success.

A healthier company is the best example of success with the good wishes of their employees with a happy mindset while working. So, every company should take care of the health of employees in the company.

Ways to maintain health at work

1. Introduce 10 minutes fitness breaks

It’s a fabulous idea for every company to introduce a 10 minutes fitness break for the employees as it refreshes the mind and improves the focus on the work. Taking such breaks after some hours of lunch can benefit health management. Ten minutes fitness break helps improve blood sugar levels.

2. Including mood enhancers during lunch hours

It’s obvious to get sleepy, tired, and sometimes bored during the working hours, and breaks given during work seem to be less to refresh the mind. For such problems, there is only one solution; it is essential to include fruits, nuts, millet, and green veggies during the lunch hours, which act as mood enhancers and help to work with a fresh and happy mood. Grami millet cookies are the best mood enhancers, as millets help in the production of serotonin which makes you calm and refreshes your mood.

3. Should take light & low GI index food options

How is your day going? Energetic or just average with less energy, it depends on the food that you take. Taking a low GI index lunch during working hours is the best way to be energetic as they are easy to digest and conserve energy. Grami Millet Dosa is made from millet. Millets are alkaline and easy to digest and thus, conserve energy.

4. Add soup sachets to your tea/ coffee bag box

It’s known to all that soups are mostly liquid; they always help you to stay hydrated and boost your immune system. They are also full of disease-fighting nutrients, so it’s a healthy way of being energetic at work by adding soup sachets to your tea/coffee bag box. Grami Millet Soup is the smart option as it’s the next generation’s food.

5. Use of standing desks

Introducing a standing desks policy for the employees is the best option for being healthy, leading to increased productivity as standing desks help reduce back pain. Standing desks are 45% more productive than sitting.

Final Word

Getting started on regular work in your working place with the new and exciting health policies of your company gives you great support after such a severe pandemic.

Grami provides you with great energy and comfort at your workplace; it’s the best option to stay healthy and happy.

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