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Stress management is an important part of everyday life. It’s something that affects us all from time to time, and the effects can be both physical and mental. It’s no secret that what we eat can impact our mood and energy.

Why stress is dangerous to health?

Stress is a result of many things, including lack of sleep, work overload, and excessive social media use. Stress can also be caused by poor nutrition, which doesn’t just lead to weight gain but also affects how our bodies cope with stress.

However, researchers have found that the body produces chemicals called catecholamine that is responsible for stimulating the perception of stress. These include adrenaline and Cortisol. The brain releases these hormones when it perceives danger in its environment.

Stress is a danger to your health. It can cause a whole host of problems, including fatigue and insomnia, which can lead to weight gain and poor mental health. But what if you could reduce the stress in your life by simply eating more millet?

Do you know millet balances stress!!!!

Millets are excellent sources of fiber and vitamins and minerals that help reduce stress levels. They are also a good source for diabetics as it helps control blood sugar levels effectively without causing any side effects like obesity or heart diseases which often occur due to high blood sugar levels caused by processed foods like white rice etc..

Millets are also naturally gluten-free and do not contain any added sugar or preservatives. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to eat healthy with little effort!

Millets are a type of cereal grain that has been used for thousands of years as an anti-stress food. This is because they contain some of the highest levels of magnesium in all grains, which helps fight against stress-related issues like insomnia and anxiety.

Millets contain the amino acid tryptophan which increases the serotonin level in the body. Serotonin helps in reducing stress. Why Renergee Products?

Renergee from Grami superfoods are made up of 9 types of millet and contain 40 nutrients which will be helpful to fill our daily nutrition requirement. All the GRAMI products are gluten-free, and preservatives-free. GRAMI introduces RENERGEE instant Nutrimix and the world’s first RENERGEE instant millet soup. RENERGEE developed by drawing the essence from nature & formulated with the Power of Millets. RENERGEE provides sustained energy to keep you going through the day. These are the next generation’s smart and healthy food.

What are the healthy habits to follow?

The best way to reduce stress is through healthy eating, exercise, and meditation. But how can you manage stress when you are busy in your daily life?

There are many ways in which we can go about reducing our stress levels such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. But what if you are in the middle of a meeting or an important task and all of a sudden your mind starts racing? What do you do then?

Grab a Renergee instant nutrimix or Renergee instant soups . All our Renergee products are instant and you can prepare them within 60 sec. “60 sec to better health

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