Foxtail Millet Cutlet

Ready to get creative in the kitchen? Try this delicious #FoxtailMilletCutlet recipe!

It’s packed with nutrition, flavor and texture, making it a perfect fit for your weeknight dinner table.

From the first bite of its crunchy crust to the last spoonful of its flavorful filling, our Foxtail Millet Cutlet is an absolute delight! Follow our easy-to-follow steps using #gramisuperfoods  and get cooking! 🙌

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Ingredients: for Foxtail millet cutlet

  • Foxtail millet – 100 g,
  • potatoes – 20 g,
  • carrots – 20 g,
  • beans – 20 g,
  • salt – 2 g,
  • pepper – 5 g,
  • chat masala – 5 g,
  • bread crumbs – 20 g,
  • green chilies – 5 g,
  • water – as required and oil – for shallow or deep frying.

Preparation Method : of millet cutlet delight

  • All the chopped vegetables and foxtail millet grain are cooked  and kept aside.
  • In a pan add one table spoon of oil, ginger garlic paste, sliced green chilies and fry them until light brown colour appears.
  • Add the cooked millet, chat masala, pepper and cooked vegetables and mix them well.
  • Make them into cutlet shapes, coat the cutlets with foxtail bread crumbs.
  • Shallow or deep fry in a pan them until light brown colour appears.
  • Serve with tomato sauce or chutney.

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